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Our Team

A Directed Path to this Place and Time

Our founder, Chin Sun, was born and raised in Taiwan.  Chin received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan, and his masters in electrical engineering at the University of Arizona.

Chin was hired as a contractor for a not-for-profit consortium of the main semi-conductor manufacturers, and governmental organizations that perform research and development to advance chip manufacturing. 

The issue that plagued, and still plagues that business, is low manufacturing yields.  In a complex production process involving high-value parts, a machine failure can result in significant financial losses. In his as role as a yield enhancement engineer, Chin would have to examine pages and pages of data tables related to quality control issues.  As a result, he was invited to be involved in a predictive, preventative maintenance  project to try and identify equipment failure "signatures" from the data.

The result of this work was two patents, a proven method to significantly improve yield, and significantly lower costs of manufacturing.  As a result, predictive, preventative maintenance capability was made an industry-wide requirement for equipment suppliers to the industry.  While rooted in semiconductors, AI-PPM offers cost-effective solutions applicable to various operations.

Mr. Sun then took the same technology, and created a system to analyze vehicle data from its Onboard Diagnostic system, and that is how Scott Irwin met Chin.


Scott Irwin was born and raised in Canada.  He received his bachelor in Finance and Economics, at the University of Western Ontario, and a MBA from Lake Superior State University.  For the past thirty years he has worked in business development for a number of companies.

For a period of about 6 years the two lost contact as Chin returned to Taiwan, and Scott stayed in Central Illinois.  A quick message on LinkedIn had the two realize that they had both moved to within 30 miles of each other in Western Michigan - the center for advanced manufacturing, and automation in the United States.

AI-PPM was born, and is now a key partner to automation engineering companies, and automation manufacturers.




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